Monday, August 6, 2018

August 2018 Update

Pete and Carra Selent - August 2018
Upstate, SC Cru
Welcome, Class of 2022!!!  Campuses across the Upstate are abuzz with students moving in and classes starting!  The first six weeksof fall semester are always the busiest time of year for us in campus ministry.  This is a crucial time for students as they navigate their new environment packed with unique friends and opportunities that can shape them for the rest of their lives.  For the believing college student, they are not merely a rock in the stream holding their faith as the world whooshes past.   No, for the believing young person on a secular college campus, it can be more akin to agladiator tournament!  This reality can be unsettling to say the least and often downright terrifying for them and us as parents!

Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ [a.k.a. Cru], interviewed shortly before his death in 2003 shared some words relevant to us today: “Many people are afraid but there is only one person who can help us in our fear… the Prince of Peace.  I anticipate a great revival of love among believers and a great awakening among unbelievers unparallel in history.”  As we take Jesus words to heart, “Fear not, I have overcome the World,” we, like Bill Bright, can look ahead with great anticipation and hope!

In the same interview, Dr. Bright is invited to give an admonition.  He replies, “To every believer... Obey Jesus, love God, obey God, and trust God. Never be satisfied with anything less than an intimate personal relationship with the risen living Christ.”

As you pray for us and this next generation of leaders, may you also be encouraged that God is deeply at work and young people are coming to Him!  We anticipate and trust the Lord to draw many students to know Him as they search for meaning, hope and love in this dark world… for His love shines in the darkness!  Thank you for all the ways you hold us – financially, in prayer and encouragement!

We are grateful to God for you!!!
Pray for…

These first six weeks: pray for our and our team’s various outreach efforts, Bible studies and social connections at… Anderson, Converse, Greenville Tech, Limestone, Spartanburg Methodist, and USC Upstate... so that students would know Christ!

Fall Retreat: Sep 28-30th in Black Mountain, NC.

Our family to heed Bill Bright’s admonition and to reflect God well in all we say, think and do!

Carra, as she adds a role of helping train & develop new staff women on the team.