Saturday, November 15, 2014

Carra is halfway there and most-way better

Since my hemorrhoid surgery almost four weeks ago, I have fluctuated between feeling really miserable to optimistically "great."  I told our church couples group that I was 95% better about two days before I felt pretty uncomfortable again.

But finally I really believe I am mostly pain free!  It has been several days since any pain at all - Praise God!

The surgeon instructed me to avoid lifting anything more than 20 pounds for eight weeks.  Baby Micah is 24 pounds so if he is held by his mom, someone has to put him on my lap.  I'll need to continue that for a few more weeks.  I've been really impressed how the kids have stepped up. It has been a surprising side benefit of some maturity muscles growth in the girls especially.

I am so grateful for all the ways our home school community, our church couples group, neighbors and family have prayed for me, brought meals, carted kids to and fro, and just encouraged me.  Thank you!!

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