Monday, March 31, 2014

Love for students

This is a snapshot I captured while at the beach the other week. We traveled the 11 hours in the minivan to get our kids sunburned and reach college students with the hope of Jesus.

Here are Faith and Zade soaking up brownies, ice cream and the company of Valerie (a Bible study leader at UNCG).

A few hours ago I was at church. Mary (a semi-recent graduate and former student I mentored) spoke to our class about the compelling need for believers to get involved in protecting human life.

When I walked downstairs I saw a photo on the wall of the baby nursery (my turn to bounce babies during worship). The photo was Jonathan and Tessa. I enjoyed caring for her during her time at UNCG. Pete discipled Jonathan for several years. There was the photo..they're holding their baby boy. Jonathan is almost through seminary.

Ten years on staff. Still a huge love for students. So proud of those who have come through the ministry. So privileged to have a little piece in the story of their lives.

In Christ,

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