Friday, August 16, 2013

Top 4 reasons my living room is a mess

Pete and I are sitting across from each other at the dining room table each with a computer in front of us. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, click, click, click, click and whatever the sound the phone makes when one of us texts.

With five straight days of events happening beginning Sunday, our living room is systematically become impassible.

1. Evangelism training Sunday night - every Bible study leader will be trained or refreshed on sharing the Gospel as well as getting to those (sometimes awkward) spiritual conversations.  I need to go to Costco to buy water bottles, peanut butter cups and potato chips.  You gotta have snacks for training :)  I guess I'll keep it in the living room for now.

2. Fall Kick-off at UNCG on Monday midday.  We have a moderately sized Plinko game (yes, vint,age Price is Right) that we built and was a huge hit last year. In addition to some sports bags and lanyards with our website on them, we are giving away over 1000 cookies!  These are being baked (probably even as you are reading this) by folks from our church Lawndale Baptist.  These delicious cookies will be coming to our house on Sunday to be distributed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  So besides the boxes of lanyards and sports bags, the snacks for training, add 1000 our living room

3. Freshman Welcome Night on Tuesday.  We're going to woo freshmen in with free t-shirts (an overstock from last year LOL!) and iTunes gift cards.  While they are basking in their free stuff, we'll be getting them excited about weekly meetings, Bible studies, Fall Retreat, etc.  So next to the thousand cookies, the lanyards, sports bags and the snacks for training, add several boxes of t-shirts! ...all (temporarily, gratefully) in my living room!

4. Wednesday our friend Nat is cooking out for a few hundred students out on College Ave (the main drag of UNCG).  He is bringing the grill, the buns and meat. He has the most of it covered, but we are responsible for a few things...cups for several hundred young people, plates, napkins, chips and coolers for ice....sure, just set it in my living room.

So there you have it, the top four reasons my living room is a mess.  It's an exciting time.  I'll clean up later in the semester :)  Prayer for great conversations, the Truth would be proclaimed and God would be glorified appreciated.

Love, Carra

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