Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Retreat Tomorrow

Fall Retreat is tomorrow through Sunday
Right now we have 112 students registered a close to 1/3 are freshmen!!

Getting freshmen plugged in and connected to community is a critical piece in having a movement of Christ over time.
It is super-encouraging to the see the number of students that are coming to this weekend.

Prayer requests:
  • Speaker (Mark Valentine from Appalachian State) will challenge students in their walks with Christ.
  • Community to develop (students from four different campuses)
  • Students will seriously consider spending their spring breaks on mission trips. 
  • Safety (paintball and a photo scavenger hunt in the dark will be involved)
  • Great weather (the forecast looks great so far)
  • The Christ would be glorified!!!
It is such a priviledge to spend this time with the students.  My parents are keeping Zade (so he won't be completely worn out). And Gracie and Faith are will be staying with us for the whole weekend.  We packed their bags tonight and they are just beyond excited. 

What are they looking forward to the most?
Going to Costco to buy snacks (who doesn't love Costco?)
Saturday night dance party (the theme is hippies and hipsters but I think the girls are going as a purple ballerina-Faith and Joan of Arc-Gracie)
Faith exclaimed tonight she couldn't wait to live in a real cabin.
They love students, and the students love them.  Sometimes I can hardly believe the blessed life God has given us in this ministry.  Thank you for your love, support and prayers!

Love, Carra

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