Friday, March 30, 2012

Hosting the Nations

Students from all over the world will be at our house in approximately 100 minutes!  I got ahead of myself trying to get the yard in shape, but that ended up being a blessing.  I'm making sweet tea and lemonade and about to hide approximately 150 eggs (12 of which are Resurrection Eggs).

Please pray for the 15 students from Korea, China, Japan, Russia, etc. that they will be drawn to the Savior who gave His life that we may have life.

So that everyone knows someone who truly follows Christ...


Friday, March 16, 2012

Mixing family, fun & ministry...again

I'm spending this weekend planting flowers, adding mulch and gathering the thousands (maybe slight exaggeration) of toys from across the backyard. This isn't just the spring boost - we're hosting a party!

One week from today, we are hosting an egg hunt / tea party for the international students (mostly girls) from UNCG. Our kids love the internationals and the internationals love them! Since Easter is the perfect segue to explaining the Gospel, we're making our own set of resurrection eggs. What an awesome opportunity to explain to our girls the sacrifice of Christ as we assemble the eggs. Then for them to be excited to help explain the symbols to our guests...Wow.

Some days it's really hard to juggle all the hats I wear in ministry and motherhood. Today, they're fitting just fine.

Please join us in prayer that God will make this a life changing afternoon!

That all may hear,