Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Preview Weekend

We long to have our lives count for Christ and bring great glory to God. The students invited to this conference are those we have seen aligned with that vision in their own life.

This conference (Preview Weekend) helps juniors and seniors slow down and get God’s perspective on decisions about life, career and calling.  They will hear from speakers that can give great wisdom and perspective from God’s word and their own experience.

We believe that God sends each of us out of college as laborers for Christ. That’s a huge part of why Campus Crusade exists on the college campuses. This conference is a key part of becoming a lifetime laborer.  I (Carra) am very excited that I get to be our campus representative for the Triad this year.  Last year, Zade was less than a month old, so a full-tilt weekend was not feasible.  This is one of the best conferences I have attended.  The students are passionately seeing what God would have them to do with their lives.  It is a privilege to spend an entire weekend with students whose hearts are so attuned to making their lives count in the eternal!

Students are registering now.  Staff are preparing for their time with these young people. This conference is next Friday (Jan 28-30).  Please pray for the students coming, for the staff who are preparing and that we would see God raise up laborers for His harvest!

Love, Carra

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