Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Continuing the conversation...

So tonight in Fort Collins, exactly eight years from when the founder, Bill Bright went home to Jesus, Campus Crusade for Christ officially changed it's name.  It really happened - just a few hours ago.  Then we (all 5000+ staff in attendance) sang "How Great Thou Art."

Pete and I have been in training these last several weeks for a new leadership role he is going to be taking. During that time we talked about how students involved in the ministry go from "they do stuff" to "we do stuff."  It's interesting that as I ponder that - even in the last few hours I have moved from "they changed the name" to "we changed our name."

There was a ton of research and lots of input from staff, donors, general population, etc. This certainly was not a decision that was taken lightly. I appreciate all the efforts to seek God and really hear His voice about the whole thing.

To boil it all down....the main thing we get out of the name change is.....the opportunity to continue the conversation. When we say "I'm with Campus Crusade for Christ,"  we knew that for many people - that shut down the conversation. The researchers found more specifically one in five people will end a conversation upon hearing the name of the organization.  ....sad.  But that is the reality.

I love Campus Crusade for Christ.  I learned about what it meant to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit through this organization.  I have some of my best friends in the world (especially Pete :-) from connections with CCC.  The awesome thing about this name change ---- it's just a name. Just a word.  The "real name" we are under is the name of Jesus Christ.  The ministry is named "Cru" now.  How cool is that?  When I say I work with "cru" or "cru global" - it invites more questions.  It allows the conversation to continue. ...and that can lead to more people to follow Christ.

For many more conversations about Christ and HIS name with the students of the Triad and the world....

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