Tuesday, May 24, 2011


At the last student leader team meeting of the semester, we took a little time to pause and reflect on all God has done over this year.  We asked students to write down a few things that they are grateful for.   We pray you will join us in celebrating and praising God for his goodness.

  • "Our worship team was awesome."
  • "Growth"
  • "Weekly prayer meetings"
  • "Community groups are alive and well"
  • "Big Break!"
  • "Prayer ministry officially established"
  • "God's fingerprints all over the Easter Egg Hunt" (outreach)
  • "Salvations through outreach events"
  • "Presence of prayer movement around campus"
  • "Salvation in my Bible study"
  • "Diversity of students"
  • "My wonderful Bible study girls most of whom I would have never gotten to know elsewhere"
  • "My relationship with my great guys" (in Bible study)
  • "The many spiritual conversations opened through Table Tuesdays" (outreach)
  • "Becoming comfortable with sharing my faith and becoming more open"
On the campus, for the campus,
Pete and Carra

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