Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reverse Trick-or-Treat (Growing a Bible Study)

This is Amber and Caroline.  They (along with Nicole - not pictured) lead a Bible study at UNC Greensboro.  I know, they are wearing Clemson and Carolina t-shirts, but they really go to UNCG :-)

Since the beginning of the semester, they have been leading a freshman girls Bible study in one of the parlors of a freshman dorm.  Last month (sorry so late a post) they decided that the whole Bible study (11 girls) would go around the dorm on Halloween and bring candy to anyone who was in their rooms.  They met lots of new girls and invited them to the Bible study.

The next week two girls they met during the "reverse trick-or-treat" outreach came to the Bible study.  In addition to that, another girl randomly passed the parlor and said, "This is a huge study group."  Amber and Caroline said, "actually this is a Bible study, want to join us?"  And she did.  And all three girls are still coming regularly.

What makes this extra neat is the timing in the semester.  Most Bible studies are established by September and very few new people begin coming after that.  As the semester gets busier and students are becoming more involved in their established groups - seeing that kind of increase is really, really rare.  But God is definitely at work on this campus!  Thanks for praying!

On the campus, for the campus,

Pete and Carra

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