Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I want more...

It has been a busy week on all the campuses. Hundreds of students have been contacted (and hundreds have attended the first main meeting). Bible studies have begun this week on most of the campuses.

When Pete and I were at Clemson University, the small group Bible study was a huge part of our growth. The large group meetings provide momentum and solid teaching but the Bible studies are where students really discover Biblical community.

When I went to my first Bible study, I remember there was a girl who asked for prayer for her first date, and another who talked about how much she wanted to live just like Jesus and struggled with doing that. It was the first time I saw my peers honestly and outwardly desiring a close walk with Jesus. It made me want more.

We are praying that in all these small group Bible studies - there will be young people who see their leaders (fellow college students) and their walks with Christ and also say, "if this is what being a real follower of Christ is like, I want more..."

On the campus, for the campus,

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