Monday, August 23, 2010

Six-year old's perspective

Last night we spent about three hours having dinner and conducting training with our Bible study leaders. They were preparing to help give away over 500 water bottles, Bibles, tote bags, etc. to new students in exchange for a brief survey on their spiritual interests.

During most of this time, our girls camped out in the back of the room watching videos on the portable DVD player and eating yummy "student food." Occasionally Gracie would come up to the meeting part, crawl up on one of our laps and listen in to the training and student responses.

Towards the end of the meeting- the groups (each Bible study has 2 to 3 leaders) gathered together to pray for the outreach and that God would fill their studies with new students.

This morning Pete was talking to Gracie about the day. He asked, "What was your favorite part of the meeting last night?" (amongst the typical answer "the videos," we got an sweet unexpected response).

Gracie replied, "I liked listening to the students pray."

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