Friday, August 20, 2010

Feeding of the 500

Monday is kick-off at UNCG where we are set to give away 500 hundred books and water bottles. The day after (Tuesday, Aug 24) we have a huge event planned - the largest we've been a part of at UNCG!

Cru leaders have managed to get ***the Quad*** for a free cookout!!! There’s a man in Winston (Nat) who has a heart for using his business to further the gospel. He is providing burgers, dogs and chicken legs for ***500*** students. We're providing veggies, paper goods, etc.

Prayers appreciated for good weather, great conversations and all the parking, campus security, admin etc. to run smoothly.

Ultimately, we want this burger (hot dog or chicken leg) to turn into the soul-satisfying relationship with Christ!

Love, Pete and Carra

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