Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Surrounded by Choice...

There’s the “bumph, bumph” of music coming from across the sidewalk. In an area that more resembles a carnival than a college, staff and students from Campus Crusade for Christ invite passersby to stop for a moment for a survey. It’s the first days of classes and the university is holding a student activities fair. Any official organization has the option of setting up a booth. That’s why we’re here.

“Fill out a 30-second survey and get a bag of cool, free stuff.”

Some walk on by but many stop and answer five simple questions about their beliefs. For some students, it seems like the first time they have had real eye contact all day. The number of tents and booths along this side of the student center showcase the true issue of today’s college students. They are surrounded by choices.

Our heart's desire is to see students make excellent choices - choices to serve God instead of themselves, to trust Him with their whole being, to live a life worthy of their calling.

Pray for us as we plan for the fall and all the students we will be meeting.

International Students, Here we come!

We are so excited to introduce Kimi to our Triad Team!

Kimi recently married Adam (new staff member and recent graduate of High Point University). She is passionate, energetic and a pleasure to have on our team.

As a former international student from Japan, she knows the power of a relationship with believers. Kimi found faith in Christ during her years as a college student in the United States because someone who truly followed Christ pursued a friendship with her.

Kimi will be working on several campuses that have the highest concentration of international students - including UNCG!